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Analyze anything, faster, with ATLAS.ti. Join us in the 7th World Conference on Qualitative Research to learn how to harness the power of ATLAS.ti for your research, receive a special 20% discount for any ATLAS.ti Desktop+Web license, and participate in our raffle to win a free ATLAS.ti Desktop+Web license! 

Anyone can use the software to manage, organize, and analyze material, even without any prior knowledge. ATLAS.ti facilitates analysis in diverse areas, including education, psychology, sociology, engineering, IT, social sciences, religious studies, history, law, anthropology, criminology, UX, UI, market research, tourism, economics, medicine, management, marine policy, ecology and much more! 

ATLAS.ti is a diverse analysis package that can be harnessed across many areas of application. This includes for example professionals, scientists, policy makers and academics. Students from all fields can also count on ATLAS.ti to complete homework, term papers, bachelor and master theses, doctoral dissertations, literature reviews, and more. Analyze text documents, multimedia files, business reports, or any other kind of qualitative information. 

Make better-informed decisions and easily share your findings with others. All you have to do is highlight and tag segments of your material. Then you have an array of data reporting and visualization tools at your fingertips. ATLAS.ti helps you quickly and easily gain insights and take action. 

Any kind of analysis, no matter how big or small, can be done in ATLAS.ti.

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