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Roehl Sybing

Roehl Sybing

ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH (DE)

Gain qualitative insights fast with ATLAS.ti’s AI-powered tools

Qualitative research bears great potential to unleash innovative insights, because data is collected in an open-ended manner that allows people to freely express themselves. But there is a catch: analyzing qualitative data can be very time consuming! Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) have been drastically evolving, making it possible for researchers to harness these technologies to facilitate their research. ATLAS.ti is a world-leading software that helps turn your qualitative data into actionable insights, with powerful functionality and intuitive design. ATLAS.ti is built for every need: from basic analysis tasks to the most in-depth research projects, for any type of qualitative data. ATLAS.ti has also been a leading innovator in integrating AI-powered tools through collaboration with OpenAI. This workshop will showcase all of ATLAS.ti’s AI-powered tools and provide practical guidance for researchers to make the most of AI to support efficient and rigorous research. We will demonstrate how researchers can chat with their data using Conversational AI, apply descriptive codes to all their data with AI Coding, extract key insights with AI Summaries, and manually code data with AI Code Suggestions. By attending this workshop, you will leave with a global understanding of how ATLAS.ti works and how you can harness AI as your “research assistant” in your qualitative data analysis journey.

Online Session | Check the schedule in the program

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