WCQR dedicates a relevant space to the dissemination of methodologies and results of research conducted by research groups. To this end, some Research Groups organize Panel Discussions subordinated to the topics related to the research work that they develop, within the scope of the Conference.

QDAS-RG (Qualitative Data Analysis Software – Research Group)

QDAS-RG Research GroupQDAS-RG (Qualitative Data Analysis Software – Research Group) aims to promote the contact between researchers or interested parties who wish to access sustained knowledge about data analysis in qualitative research based on the use of appropriate software. This interaction allows one to look at, for example, a particular market or area of study, depending on how it interprets and perceives its challenges and products. All of these, which use technological tools for qualitative analysis of data, lack a space for interaction and debate around existing tools, as well as emerging ones, providing reflection on models, methodologies, instruments and procedures associated with qualitative data analysis that bring them reliable and fast results, capable of synchronous distance sharing and discussion. This is the larger purpose of this research group. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8585116


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