South Africa

South Africa is situated on the Southern tip of the African Continent. It shares neighbouring borders with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, and encloses both Swaziland and Lesotho. It has over 2700km of Coastline shared between the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast and the warm Indian Ocean on the east coast.

South Africa is home to multi-cultural melting pot of 55 million beautiful people of diverse origins, cultures, languages, and religions. Although English is widely spoken and is used for informational signage, ZA celebrates diversity with a total of eleven official languages.

South Africa is known for its long sunny days throughout the year. Most of the country experiences rain in summer, however the west coast experiences predominantly winter rainfall.

ZA has three capital cities. Capetown is the legislative capital, Pretoria is the administrative capital and Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. The country is divided into 9 provinces, each with their own incredible diversity and history. These include Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Northern West. With nine provinces to explore, each with a soul of their own, you’ll never run out of memories to make.

A safari in the untouched wild, a breathtaking view, a sun-soaked beach, the pulse of a bustling city, a fascinating window into a vibrant culture, an unforgettable adventure through an outdoor playground – in South Africa you can have it all…



Johannesburg – known as the megacity of South Africa, ‘Jozi’ or ‘Jo’burg’, the City of Gold or ‘Egoli’, one of the 100 largest urban areas in the world, houses some of the head offices of major South African companies and banks which attracts professionals from all over Africa.

Being the largest city in Gauteng, and the most populated it is no wonder that Johannesburg is home to our South African Constitutional Court as well as the rich in minerals ‘Witswaterstrand’ – home to one of our world-class universities too. Look forward to one of the most famous township experiences when you visit Soweto, a township rife in Apartheid history. Not only did some of our most iconic freedom fighters live here, but it is where the 1976 Soweto uprising occurred. Visit world renowned museums which take you back to not only the history of the area but some of the most influential periods of South African history.


What to see

Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum opened in 2001 and is acknowledged as the pre-eminent museum in the world dealing with 20th century South Africa, at the heart of which is the apartheid story. The Apartheid Museum, the first of its kind, illustrates the rise and fall of apartheid. An architectural consortium, comprising several leading architectural firms, conceptualised the design of the building on a seven-hectare stand. The museum is a superb example of design, space and landscape offering the international community a unique South African experience...

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Soweto (from SOuth WEst TOwnship) came into existence in 1904 after pass laws were introduced that forcibly removed black, Indian and coloured people from Johannesburg’s city centre. Over the years it has grown into a huge city of well over a million people with upmarket suburbs, quiet neighbourhoods, shopping malls, theatres, sports stadiums, cinemas and entertainment complexes, surrounded by poverty-stricken informal settlements...

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Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden (previously known as the Witwatersrand National Botanical Garden) is a 300 hectares (3.0 km2) botanical reserve in Roodepoort near Johannesburg. Formally established in 1982, it is one of the youngest of South Africa’s National Botanical Gardens, but the site where it is located has been popular with visitors for many decades before that. The garden is home to a well known pair of Verreaux’s eagles that nest in the Roodekrans ridge which intersects the reserve. The garden has a restaurant, gift shop and nursery which sells South African native plants (the nursery closed March 2015). The Garden has been recognised as one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world...

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Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

Located in the heart of Soweto, the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village is a museum-cum-outdoor exhibition of astounding sculptures and buildings created by African artist and traditional healer Credo Mutwa. The private collection of sculptures that he constructed from 1974 to 1986 juxtaposes African folklore and art with an increasingly Westernised society. This unique take on art and society as a huge drawpoint for tourists hunting for a more authentic experience and sets the village as one of the traditional attractions in Gauteng...

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It is also in Johannesburg where you will find a vibe that suits yours. Township events which allow you to witness the unique and diverse culture of our people, to international artists performing live on our stages, to the widest variety of clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from. 

Whether you’re single and looking to make memories, a business traveler looking to network or a family person, the city of Johannesburg promises quality experiences that will keep you coming back.


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