WCQR2023 | Pre-Conference Session

WCQR2023 Pre-conference talk: Qualitative Research and Transformative Learning: An International Conversation

Qualitative Research and Transformative Learning: An International Conversation

In this session, Dr. Elizabeth Pope and Dr. Anna CohenMiller have an informal conversation about their experience and specializations in qualitative research. They each draw from their work in the United States and in Central Asia, respectively, to uncover some of the ways in which they have worked with early career researchers, practitioners, and communities to design culturally relevant qualitative research with a focus on transformative learning. 


Anna CohenMiller, Nazarbayev University (KZ)

Anna CohenMiller, PhD, is an internationally renowned qualitative social justice methodologist and award-winning educational leader who uses compassionate and transformational research/leadership to address issues of equity and inclusion in higher education in Kazakhstan and internationally. She specializes in arts-based research to facilitate and amplify voice of marginalized communities and has been termed the “progenitor” of the connection between critical self-reflection and qualitative social justice research. Dr. CohenMiller focuses on empowering early career researchers through speaking and leading workshops locally and internationally, along with publishing accessible texts and online media (such as through SAGE Research Methods videos) to guide and encourage socially, economically and ecologically just research. Dr. CohenMiller is Co-Founding Director of The Consortium of Gender Scholars (Kazakhstan), Founder of The Motherscholar Project, and Editor in Chief of Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy. Her recent methodological books published with Routledge include Questions in Qualitative Social Justice Research in Multicultural Contexts (with N. Boivin) and the forthcoming, Life-Changing Moments in Qualitative Social Justice Research: Transformational Learning, Vulnerability and Critical Self-Reflection.

Elizabeth Pope, University of West Georgia (US)

Elizabeth M. Pope, PhD, MA, is an Associate Professor in the Educational Research program. Dr. Pope holds degrees in religion, with a specialization in Islam, a PhD in adult education, and the Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies certificate from the University of Georgia. She is a qualitative research specialist. Dr. Pope's research interests lie in adult learning in interfaith encounters, transformative learning, teaching and learning research methods, and reflexivity in qualitative research. As a qualitative methodologist, she is interested in using digital technologies in qualitative research, qualitative meta-syntheses, and conversation/ethnomethodological analysis of interfaith conversations. Dr. Pope is a certified professional senior trainer in ATLAS.ti (qualitative data analysis software). Dr. Pope has taught classes in religion and now teaches educational research courses.

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