QUAL4Business | 20th January 2021 | Virtual Conference

Leading Strategy in a Changing World

Why do we need QUAL4Business?

QUAL4Business is an event directed at managers, researchers, decision-makers. The World is creating larger than ever amounts of data and this process tends to increase at higher rates. This presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses around the world. From data collection and analytics, to decision-making, there is a path that should be taken with the support of technology and strategy, to reach optimal results. Implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

Esquema QUAL4Business

Why you should attend

QUAL4Business will focus on innovative processes and cutting-edge solutions to help managers and decision-makers harness the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the data-driven world, deliver fact-based decisions and reach business value. Focusing on qualitative data analysis methods, Q4B will feature innovative practices and solutions, case studies, panel discussions that provide attendees with knowledge and strategies for successfully improving business performance, from data collection to analytics, business intelligence, decision making and operations…


  • Organizational development
  • Human resource systems planning
  • Usability and User Experience
  • Results
  • Insights
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Decision Making
  • Big data
  • Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Products Assessment
  • Theoretical Models
  • Data Collection Techniques (Focus Groups, Observation, Photovoice, Photo Elicitation, among others)
  • Mixed Methods
  • Data Analysis Techniques (sentiment analysis, social network analysis, content analysis, among others)
  • Case Studies
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Design Based Research

Why is QUAL4Business different?

QUAL4Business will provide not only a platform for discussion, but also and foremost, a set of tools and guidelines to address businesses’ main challenges in the current world. Issues like COVID-19 and its impact on global and local economies, data protection, Brexit, the role of AI, etc, present risks and opportunities for managers and decision makers. Questions, doubts, uncertainty must be addressed with sustained, data-driven, effective strategies and tools. Q4B will provide attendees with those assets and help them tackle some of the big “whys”, “hows” and “ifs” of today’s challenging decision-making process:

  • How can data strategy improve my company’s business strategy?
  • What challenges do issues like COVID-19, Brexit, global economy present to my business? And what opportunities?
  • What strategies and tools can allow us to tackle those issues and reach business value?
  • How can we attract and keep skilled human resources?
  • How can creativity help my business?
  • How do we put results at the service of business?
  • What new technologies and solutions should my company adopt?

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn about the importance of data management and business intelligence in your organization
  • Build a successful business strategy
  • Create innovative products and services
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Drive notoriety and value to your business
  • Network with leaders, managers, decision-makers, researchers around the world
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