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Timberlake is a global brand with 40 years of experience and expertise in the areas of data sciences, statistics, econometric and forecasting.

From the best softwares to high quality training and world-class consultancy; we provide a total solution to our diverse range of clients. Investment in our core values and staff is fundamental to our success. We support all of our customers to be the best in class of their field, globally.

Timberlake are an official international distributor of NVivo. NVivo gives you the tools to provide insights and articulate conclusions that will allow you to deliver what customers want, across your organization. 

Timberlake Gold Sponsor WCQR2022Organizations need data to make sure that evolution, innovation, and product offerings meet changing customer expectations. Qualitative and mixed methods analysis, fueled by NVivo, helps you look beyond the numbers and dive deep into what people are saying, and why they are saying it.

With data in hand, you can easily identify ways to help your business grow. Understand market gaps, customer feedback, and cost and product inefficiencies, to continuously improve your offerings, solve problems for your customers, and stand out in a fiercely competitive environment.

From commercial industries, to medical, non-profit or government research, NVivo helps lead the way for insightful, data-driven decision making


Timberlake help clients gain competitive advantages assisting in defining and implementing solutions for complex projects. By providing thoroughly researched and professionally delivered solutions, working frequently with software developers and/or academic experts, we can help maximise your results.

We have international offices with dedicated teams in the UK, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Brazil, the Middle East, America and global reach.

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